Missing person? Now what? Follow our steps
Sarea: initiated by the police, together with civilians.


Children are often not yet fully aware of their actions and the consequences. If a child goes missing, this has an enormous impact. Here you will find some tips to help reduce the risk of a child going missing.


If your child ever does go missing, you will have a recent photo to hand that you can show people.

For instance, the child could write the details down and keep them in a sealed envelope in an agreed place. You can both sign the paper and agree a ‘penalty’ if the envelope is opened without valid reason. Should the child ever go missing, you can search for information on their social media.


Instruct them to telephone you or the neighbours if the doorbell rings while they are home alone.

Children may unintentionally come into contact with the wrong people via the internet. Check the tips in this video from AMBER Alert, perhaps together with your child.

Explain that this is a serious police line and they should only call it if they’re in danger.

The colouring sheet Veilig naar school is intended to teach children from 6 to 10 in a playful way what they should and should not do.

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